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The 25 Best Automated Pet Care Products for Busy Pet Owners

The cat and dog of a busy pet owner

Our pets are members of the family. They offer companionship; they’re there for us when we need them; and they show us unconditional love.

But sometimes the busyness of life can catch up with us and make it difficult to be as hands-on as we’d like to be with our pets.

These automated pet care products can help you balance the on-going demands of life while still providing a safe, fun, and nourishing environment for your furry family members.

Here are 25 of the best automated pet care products on the market:


Dog entertained by playing fetch

Entertaining your pets can be tiresome, especially if you have a puppy who wants to play all the time. When you find it hard to muster up the energy to play with your pet, you can turn to these products to help keep your pet fully occupied and happy!

Pet Fountain

A pet fountain is a great way to keep your little buddy entertained while also making sure they have access to plenty of water when they need it.

Cat Playing With A Water Fountain ToyThis pet fountain comes with an ultra quiet pump that circulates water and provides a fresh stream for dogs and cats.

And if you’re worried about potential spills, then you might be comforted to know that the fountain includes a silicon pad that catches splashing water and keeps your floor dry.

Get this Pet Fountain Toy Here

Tug-of-War Dog Toy

Tug of war dog toy

Dogs love playing tug of war, but it takes two to tussle!

Keep your dog entertained – inside or outside – with this hanging bungee rope tug toy. It’s easy to hang over a branch or attach to a ceiling joist.

Once attached, your dog can tug, pull, and chew until his little heart is content. (Oh, and this is one toy you don’t have to worry about losing!)

Get this Tug-of-War Dog Toy Here

Automatic Fetch Toy

Dog playing with an automatic fetch toyDoes it seem like your dog could play fetch until you need rotator cuff surgery?

Well, with this interactive ball launcher, you can launch standard sized tennis balls anywhere from 10 to 40 feet with the touch of a button.

And with a rechargeable battery, it’s easy to set up and enjoy for hours.

Get this Automatic Fetch Toy Here

Fetch Ball Launcher

For a cheaper, simpler alternative to the automatic ball launcher, try this classic ball launcher. It allows you to control the direction and distance when you play fetch with fido.

Ball launcher for playing fetch

You can even use the launcher to gather balls for a clean, hands-free pickup that’s easy on your back.

Get this Fetch Ball Launcher Here

Digging Toy

Dog Playing with Digging Toy

If you’ve got a dog that loves to dig, then this is the toy for you.

Put an end to the holes in the backyard and instead let your dog dig and search for treats buried inside one of the dozens of flaps inside this toy.

Machine-washable and durable, this digging toy has the potential to provide hours of entertainment!

Get this Digging Toy Here


Cat locked outside looking in

Sometimes your pets might need access outside. Sometimes you may need to shut off access to certain parts of your home at certain times of the day. If you’d like to find a way to automatically give your pets the right access at the right time, then check out the following products.

Sliding Glass Pet Door

Dog entering through sliding glass pet door

Every dog owner – as well as many cat owners – have to constantly remember to open up the door to let pets outside to take care of business.

But with this portable pet door, your pet can come and go as necessary. And because of the magnetic frame, this durable sliding door is perfect for apartments and condos.

Get the Sliding Glass Pet Door Here

Interior Cat Door

Do you keep your cat’s litter box in a laundry room, bathroom, or closet where you’d prefer to keep the door closed?

Cat entering through special cut-out in doorThis cute and inconspicuous door gives your cat easy access so you don’t have to constantly open and close the door for him.

It comes in a semi-gloss white finish, but can also be painted to match your décor.

Get this Interior Cat Door Here

Pet Stairs

Pet Furniture Stairs

For dogs and cats that love to sleep on your bed or sofa, these foam pet stairs provide an easy way for your pet to climb up furniture without you having to hoist them up yourself.

The stairs come in a variety of colors, as well as three different heights (13.5 inches, 18 inches, and 22.5 inches).

Get these Pet Stairs Here

Pet Ramp

For a soft, comfortable ramp that’s easy to glide up or down, this scalloped pet ramp is a good choice that eliminates the need to lift your pet up on your own.

Scalloped Pet Ramp

There are no steep steps, which makes it perfect for pets that have weak joints or issues with balance.

Get this Scalloped Pet Ramp Here

Pet Stroller

Pet StrollerDoes your dog have a health condition that prevents them from taking walks? Or maybe you need more control of your pet so you can safely enjoy your walks?

This four-wheel pet stroller lets your furry buddy enjoy the great outdoors while you easily navigate the cart at your own pace.

It can hold pets up to 30 pounds in weight and collapses for easy storage in a closet or trunk.

Get this Pet Stroller Here


Dog walking on a leash

It can be very challenging and time-consuming to train your pets. But these products help you put your training on autopilot so you can make the experience easier on both you and your pets!   

Indoor Pet Training Mat

There’s nothing our pets can do to make us love them less, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t mind if they could be a little better behaved at times!

If you’ve got a sofa or chair that you’d like to make off-limits but don’t know how to get your pets to listen, then consider using this mat to train them to respect boundaries.

Dog staying off of indoor pet training mat on chaise lounge chair

Should your pets walk, sit, or lay down on the mat, it vibrates with a safe, painless pulse that is off-putting enough to discourage the behavior.

Eventually, they’ll learn to avoid the spot, and the mat can be used elsewhere as needed.

Get this Indoor Pet Training Mat Here

Waterproof Pet Blanket

If you’ve got a pet who’s potty training or an older pet with incontinence issues, you may want to protect your furniture with this waterproof blanket.

Dog and cat sitting on waterproof pet blanket

This blanket is a great way to give your pets freedom while you work with them during potty training.

It’s a comfortable, yet durable solution that looks good and feels good to the touch. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including plaid red and gray.

Get this Waterproof Pet Blanket Here

Easy Walk Dog Harness

Yellow Lab Wearing the Easy Walk Harness

Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you?

This comfortable, sturdy dog harness allows you to effortlessly steer your dog to your side to reduce leash pulling, which makes for a more comfortable walk for both you and your dog.

And because the harness rests on the dog’s chest and belly, there’s no gagging or choking when your dog attempts to pull.

Get the Easy Walk Dog Harness Here.


Bowl of pet food and water

Keeping our furry family members healthy is always the highest priority. That means, we take special care to make sure they are well-fed, hydrated, groomed, and clean. These products will help your pet be as healthy as ever while taking some of the hard work off your shoulders.

Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

Dog eating food from an automatic pet food dispenserMemory lapses can happen to the best of us, and the last thing we’d want to forget is to put food in our pets’ bowls.

Whatever it might be: a demanding work schedule, frequent traveling, or a waning memory, an automatic pet feeder can put your mind at ease and ensure your beloved pet is well-fed.

You can select your portion size, timing, and even record a personal meal call to let your dog or cat know it’s time to eat.

Get this Automatic Pet Food Dispenser Here

Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer

A pet food dispenser and a pet water dispenserIf you want a simple pet feeder without all of the bells and whistles, this self-dispensing gravity feeder is cheap, easy, and ideal for either dogs or cats. It’s also lightweight, durable, and offers easy refilling.

Obviously, the big caveat with this solution is to only use it if your pet is able to self-pace its eating. Do not use this if your pet is prone to overeating!

Get this Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer Here

Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner

How nice would it be if you could keep your dog from tracking dirt and mud into your home?

Dog Paw Cleaner ToolIf you’re tired of having to wipe down paws and floors with a towel, then consider this portable dog paw washer.

You simply stick your pet’s paws into the container and let a mixture of water and bristles perform a mess-free clean. It’s easy on your dog’s paws and means no more back-breaking clean-up for you.

Get this Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner Here

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

As a cat owner, cleaning out the litter box is just one of those unfortunate chores that come with the territory. This self-cleaning litter box makes your doody duty much, much easier.

Cat leaving a self-cleaning litter boxThe box features a self-cleaning mechanism that allows you to go weeks without scooping, cleaning, or refilling.

The litter absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste to remove odors, keeping your house smelling fresh.

When it finally does come time to clean up, you just slide out the tray and throw it away.

Get this Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Here

Pooper Scooper

If you’re tired of or unable to continually bend over to pick up dog waste, or find that typical pooper-scoopers don’t do an adequate job of cleaning up waste, this metal tray with a rake is ideal.

Combination Pooper Scooper of a Rake and a Shovel

While other scoopers might be cheaply-made, this one is sturdy enough to withstand years of continual use.

Get this Pooper Scooper Here

Deshedding Tool

FURminator Deshedding ToolAs much as we love our dogs, shedding is something we could do without.

This stainless steel deshedding tool is designed to safely and effortlessly remove the undercoat and loose hair while leaving the topcoat undamaged.

It comes in a variety of sizes and styles – for both short-hair and long-hair breeds.

Get this Deshedding Tool Here


Comfortable cat and dog sleeping together

As pet owners, we like to be able to provide a comfortable, safe environment for our little (and sometimes big!) buddies. When you aren’t able to comfort them or tuck them in for a mid-day nap, you can turn to these products to automatically do it for you!

Dog Booster Car Seat

Pug sitting in a dog booster car seat in the back of a carFor small and medium-sized pets up to 15 pounds, this compact booster car seat keeps your dog safely seated in your car for comfortable travel.

It’s perfect for keeping your pooch from dangerously sliding around in the car while you’re out on the road.

Made with a collapsible metal frame and a soft, yet durable plush liner, this doggy booster seat is made to last!

Get this Dog Booster Car Seat Here

Pet Monitoring Camera

Pet owner watching boston terrier dog on smart phone app through pet monitoring cameraMiss your pet while you’re running errands or away on vacation?

With this pet camera, you can check in whenever you want, viewing livestream video in wide-angle during the day or night. It’s even compatible with Alexa and allows you to toss treats remotely.

You can also set it up to detect the presence of barking and send you a push notification on your smartphone.

Get this Pet Monitoring Camera Here

Pet Lounge Bed

Designed for cats and small dogs, this cozy lounge bed allows your pet to snuggle up inside or perch on top.

While many pet beds can be an eyesore, the textured knit finish that this bed features makes it much more attractive.

Cat resting inside a pet lounge bed

Both the top and inside cushions are machine-washable, so you can easily clean the bed as needed.

Get this Pet Lounge Bed Here

Pet Cave Bed

Dachshund curled up inside a pet cave bedFor cats and small dogs really like to bury themselves under blankets, this cave bed is the perfect solution.

It allows your pets to cover up on their own without needing you to do it for them.

The Sherpa lining makes it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Get this Pet Cave Bed Here

Outdoor Pet Cot

Small dog sitting in the shade on an outdoor pet cotIs your dog a sun-lover? If so, this large outdoor dog bed keeps your dog from overheating so you no longer have to limit outdoor time or get out the hose for a cool down.

With an elevated frame that’s made of breathable mesh and canvas – as well as a shaded canopy – this product can keep your dog safe and cool even on those really hot days.

Get this Outdoor Pet Cot Here

Pet Car Seat Cover

Avoid the headache of shedding and messes dirtying up your car by using this large, durable car seat cover.

It’s waterproof, machine washable, and can be easily vacuumed for quick cleanup.

Black Car Seat Cover for Pets Spread Out Over Back Row of Car

Now you can take your pet for a ride without the time-consuming hassle of cleaning up the interior of your car.

Get this Pet Car Seat Cover Here

Embracing Automated Pet Care

Being a pet owner is one of the greatest privileges we can know. Our pets mean so much to us and love us unconditionally. Sometimes taking care of our pets involves taking on some mundane responsibilities, but these can be streamlined with simple, yet efficient solutions.

The point of these products is to give you and your pet more time to enjoy each other. While you certainly don’t need all 25 of these automated pet care products, there are likely a few that would make you and your pets lives easier and better. Read the reviews, place an order, and enjoy!