The Helping Home is a comprehensive online directory complete with in-depth guides on how to age safely at home through the use of home modifications, medical equipment, and assistive devices.

This site features extensive product buying recommendations, step-by-step home modification directions, construction detail drawings, high quality images, instructional how-to videos, and more. All of these resources offer practical, actionable information backed by years of firsthand experience and exhaustive research.
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What is the mission of The Helping Home?

The effects of aging have a way of turning once effortless activities of daily living into challenging, and even painful, obstacles to overcome. Unfortunately, this reality is becoming ubiquitous across the country for the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers who live in homes that fail to meet their needs as they age.

While turning back the hands of time is out of the question, altering the living environment is another story. And it all starts with being equipped with the right information. That is why the mission of The Helping Home is to offer field-tested expertise on home modifications and assistive devices to empower Seniors and caregivers with the necessary knowledge to age in place.

Ultimately, the vision that drives The Helping Home is to see aging Americans live in accessible and safe homes that cater to their specific needs.

What’s the story behind The Helping Home?

No two words more accurately sum up the creation of The Helping Home than these: divine providence.

Hi, my name is Jason Biddle; that’s me in the photo along with my wife, Brittany. And this is the story of how The Helping Home came to be.

In the final year of my college career at Belmont University, I felt a strong compulsion to seek out a mentor. Not long after making this resolution I was on a volunteer outing with my church when I met Mark, a fellow parishioner, who eventually became my mentor.

Photo of Jason and Brittany

As I prepared for graduation, Mark helped me land a unique job opportunity in Summer of 2010 to launch a startup company in Nashville, TN called A Better Nest.

A Better Nest

The goal was simple: make homes safer and more livable for those wishing to age in place.

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I trained to become a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) and consulted homeowners on how to adjust their living environments to meet their specific needs.

I gave recommendations for home modifications, prescribed assistive devices, and managed the remodeling process from start to finish.

Rebuilding Together Nashville LogoWhile working for A Better Nest, I served on the board of Rebuilding Together Nashville and offered my expertise to further help older adults throughout Middle Tennessee.

Knowing that I was helping Seniors lead healthier, happier lives was certainly rewarding; I can’t overstate how thankful I am to have been involved in such endeavors.

By Fall of 2013 my wife and I decided to make an interstate move and return to her Texas roots. The change in geography necessitated a change in career, and the timing couldn’t have been better because a good college friend of mine had just informed me of a remote position available with a promotional products company based in Brentwood, TN called US Imprints.

US Imprints LogoDuring my time at US Imprints I plunged headlong into the world of online marketing and blogging. Little did I know how profoundly this experience would bear out in the creation of The Helping Home.

In Spring of 2015 my wife and I were searching for a new home and stumbled across a townhome that was part of a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). After moving in we were immediately welcomed with open arms and couldn’t help but notice the remarkable sense of community shared among our neighbors, most of whom are 65+ retirees.

Photo of a Naturally Occuring Retirement Community

Our beautiful Naturally Occurring Retirement Community!

Developing relationships with the residents of our new community reminded me of the unique needs of this population that so often go unmet because of the serious lack of knowledge concerning safe aging at home.

I knew that if I shared the practical, reliable information I had gleaned over the years that it could make a significant difference in my neighbors’ lives. Then I realized that I could leverage the Internet marketing skills I had developed to broadcast this valuable information online and potentially help even more people than I originally thought possible.

Interdisciplinary teamPerhaps the most fortuitous influence of all is the collective expertise of family and friends who have become my own de facto team of advisers.

Aging in place successfully requires a truly unique intersection of disciplines including medicine, human physiology and kinesiology, healthcare as a system, architecture and construction, residential design, caregiving, durable medical equipment, and assistive devices and technology. Very few have such a wide array of specialties at their disposal, and yet I’ve had the uncanny circumstance of being surrounded by authorities in each discipline.

My father has over twenty years of experience as a hospital administrator; my brother is a practicing Physical Therapist Assistant; a close friend is a Primary Care Physician who primarily serves the elderly population; my father-in-law is an architect who has designed and built residential and commercial buildings, including Active Adult Retirement Communities; my wife is an interior designer who has completed space-planning and design for both residential and commercial projects; and finally, my mother and mother-in-law have both served as caregivers for their aging parents.

In hindsight I can see how my life experiences providentially worked together to culminate in this project, and I hope that The Helping Home supplies readers with the knowledge they need to lead healthy lives for many years to come.

Where to Start?

If this marks your first foray into these concepts, consider starting with the following introductory resource:

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